How To Make Money From MLM?

5 min readJun 8, 2020


Multi-Level Marketing is becoming popular again. Read this before deciding to hop on the bandwagon.

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I have heard the stories, I have seen and talked to people who have lost thousands of dollars onto MLM and went into debt and lost almost everything. I have tried MLM myself and miserably failed. However, I have seen people make tons of money from MLM and this is a story about those people.

Disclaimer: I am not encouraging MLM or any scam company, I am just telling the stories I have seen and witnessed with my own eyes.

Take this story with light hearth and enjoy it!

I will tell you 3 stories about 3 different girls making tons of money with MLM. I know these girls personally and I have seen them grow with time.

Story n.1: my cousin

I remember when I was 16 years old and started going out for coffee or walk with my friends. My cousin who is 5 years older than me was always dressing me and helping me do my make up. She was good at makeup and most important of all she was good with words. She would recommend me a mascara, bronzer, blush, etc. and soon she had me and all my friends hooked on the Avon cosmetics products.

Avon cosmetics even today can be bought from a catalog from a licensed distributor like my cousin.

What makes my cousin special is that she is simply good with words, she has tons of friends, and constantly finds a way to make new friends. She sold me my first Avon product, a bronzer, and only after 2 months I had a full collection of Avon shower gels, lotions, makeup. I told all my friends about this “secret” catalog cosmetics that can’t be bought in a store and my friends started buying Avon cosmetics from my cousin. This went on and on for many years.

Another thing that makes my cousin successful is that she has no shame. She converses freely and she offers her products to whoever is willing to hear about it. She is not pushy or annoying, she is just bubbly, cheerful, and makes you fall in love with the product.

Her secret weapon: Extraordinary sales skills!

Story n.2: my dressmaker

Whenever I attend a special event I like to have a dress that I have created. However, I don’t know how to sew and I don’t have time to do it myself so I go to the dressmaker. My dressmaker is a lovely 50-year-old lady who is a true real-life girl boss. She is positive, cheerful, lovely, and makes great dresses. Apart from her profession as a dressmaker, she has a side gig which is MLM. She sells Oriflame cosmetics. I already told you about my Avon experience during my high school days so I was no stranger to catalog makeup when she presented me with the opportunity.

I had tried most of the products but there was this one perfume Giordani Gold which I loved and used for years and that perfume could be bought only in the Oriflame catalog. Although I was frustrated with the idea that I can’t go and buy it in an actual store I kept ordering it whenever I run out. She managed to sneak in tons of promotions with that product. She would always tell me “if you get 2 perfumes you get 15% discount” or “combine this lipstick with that eyeshadow and you get the perfume for free” etc.

Thruout the years I have seen this lady go on fully paid trips by the company, receive tons of free products, gifts, vouchers, they even send flowers and cards on her birthday. She has organized many promotional events and even made collaboration with my trainer to promote Oriflame wellness products.

I brought my best friend to my dressmaker one day to make her a dress for a wedding and the lady told her “you have dry skin, let me run a free test to tell you what to”. My friend accepted and after the free test, she offered her a bunch of products and my friend bought them. Talk to me about a sales opportunity!

Her secret weapon: a private business that puts her in contact with lots of people every single day!

Story n.3: my highschool friend

I just ordered my Forever Living dietary supplements from my highschool friend who is crushing the game. She is the person you see everywhere. She is in the groups promoting, she is in the chat offering you new products, she is coming to your home to bring you products at 7 am before your flight at 9 am so you always have your favorite supplements with you or 11 am so you don’t miss your schedule. She works in a shop where she makes sure to always make a personal connection with anyone who enters. She is not afraid to ask what do you want, how you want it, and she will go the extra mile for you to get. And you will never forget this person.

My friend is amazing at giving you what you want. If you enter the shop where she works and you want one thing, she will make sure to exit the shop with 10 items and you will be sure you wanted those items in the first place. Once you are hooked on her friendliness, of course, you will trust her when she recommends you that dietary supplement or this protein shake. And it is your lucky day because she is the one who is a licensed distributor and for you, she will make a special offer and discount.

I personally bought the supplements because my nutritionist recommended them to help me with eczema and I swear to God she has a bug somewhere listening because she was on my Facebook feed the next day promoting the exact product I wanted. Of course, I messaged her, and because we are a high school friend she made “the best possible ever offer” and I bought them.

Her secret weapon: she will go the extra mile nobody wants to go!

You probably understood it by now. MLM is can be a terrible scam or an amazing opportunity if you know how to make your assets work for you.

Good Luck!

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