I am afraid I will never be able to travel.

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

I have been all over the world and yet I feel like I have never traveled anywhere. In the middle of the global pandemic, I feel stuck and sad. I am not sad because I feel like I am missing something at the moment. I am sad because I know that there were so many opportunities and I missed them all.

You know in a world full of opportunities is important to wisely pick your battles but I worry that I haven’t made the smartest decisions.

I am so afraid that the future and free travel is years apart from today. I am afraid that while I am waiting for the borders to open I will create a family, I will probably buy a house, and adopt at least 3 dogs and all that will be an obstacle.

I am terrified of the idea that I won’t be able to see cherry blossoms in Japan, drink ice cold water from street fountains in Rome, or walk down Manhatten once again in my life.

I know everyone will say that, yes, you can travel with kids and family but I am afraid that there won’t be enough time and that travel won’t be a priority.

I am so sad that I may have lost my last opportunity to see the beauty of the world before finally committing to the love of my life…

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