2 min readApr 11, 2021

You left an emptiness in that place I called soul

You left an emptiness in that place I called soul

You came in fast

Took me by a storm

I surrendered my shield

I walk next to you

I was hoping you will hold my had

You never did

You came in by a storm

Filled in my desires

Made my dream come true

Gave Rome a nice ancient color

I walked with you listening to Indigo night by Tamino

You said you liked indigo night

You said you cared for me

And I believed it.

You used me in a way I couldn't believe ever existed

And when I saw that “in a relationship” status on Facebook

I should have cut all ties

And walk away

But I believed that there is a space for me in your cold heart

That deep down in your cold heart you could feel something

You never hold my hand

And I wanted to believe it’s okay

It’s early

I lied

But then you kept showing when I least expected you

And you said you wanted my soul

Not even my body

And I wanted to keep it real

But something broke in me

Maybe the wine bottle in my bathroom sink

Because you didn’t see the pain

Because you said “expect nothing”

But I couldn't take it

I have been waiting

Patience is not a strong side of a Libra

And you knew that

But you chose to put me in waiting

Like I was a nun

You don’t know

I am a writer and I will haunt your soul forever

Because once I told you

“when you are a writer and you are mad, you write about it”

So now it is on the Internet

For everyone to see

How pain makes people crazy

And not even a bit philosophical way

Because for me pain is real

And I feel it going through my veins

Like the cheap wine, you brought me

I don’t want the wine

I want the love you have for adventures

To be all mine

Because I am an adventure

And I walk through a dream

Just you couldn’t see it

And I want to believe it is your loss

When I close my eyes and the room is spinning

Maybe from the cheap wine, I decided to drink all in one glass

Maybe because you said “expect nothing”

I want you to know I am filled with nothing


There is emptiness in that place I called soul tonight.